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ALMUTLAQ FURNITURE, founded in 1954, was the first furniture company in Saudi Arabia and since then has, over the years, become a trusted and widely respected leader in the furniture retail market. Over the years the company has entered into long-term agreements with many world-class premium brands and has become synonymous with providing quality furniture and customer service throughout Saudi Arabia.


The Founder’s vision was to provide the market with high-quality furniture, at realistic prices, from some of the world’s leading furniture brands and through exceptional customer service, to become the yardstick by which all other furniture retailers in Saudi Arabia would be compared. Over the years we have entered long-term partnerships with brands such as,  Natuzzi, La-Z-Boy, Gautier, Alf, Kuka & Warde and by living up to our goals, we have for many years been included in the list of Top 100 brands of Saudi Arabia.

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